Monday, June 15, 2009

Start All Over

I've abandoned this blog for quite some time, haven't I? I will try to be more prompt with regular updates in the future. You can think of this as a new start for the blog, as my goal is to remember to update at least once every month. Hopefully, I won't feel so rushed to finish my cross-stitches but it will still motivate and inspire me to complete what I've started.

The past couple of months (or since I last updated), I haven't done a whole lot of cross-stitching. I've been in some sort of weird slump where I haven't had the motivation to work on my projects, though I've had plenty of time. This past week or two, I have come out of that slump, thankfully. I suspect it has something to do with receiving the Sims 3, which my (awesome) daddy got for me the weekend it came out! I have been making a little progress working on various projects while I wait for my Sims family to finish sleeping or working, although it's not much. I'll post pics of my latest projects, soon, right now I'm going to go play Sims 3 and work on my ballet piece (since it's become a UFO, and I really want to finish it as of late!)


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